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Information for Instructors (also called Class Leaders) and Mentors

If the court reporting profession is to continue and thrive, we will need all hands on deck to support the next generation.  Court Reporting Services (CRS) would love to partner with you to offer the first step to creating more court reporters!  First Steps is 1-4 classes, depending on location, which will give prospective students all the information they need to start training as a court reporter.  

What kind of commitment is needed to be an INSTRUCTOR?

If you are interested in leading a First Steps class in your area, we would need you to commit to leading anywhere from 1-4 classes (one a week) as long as there is sufficient enrollment.  CRS will provide the course materials and a PowerPoint presentation for you to lead the class.  As long as you have no issues with public speaking, you know the steno machine and can answer questions about it, you are qualified.  The instructor would be responsible for setting up the location (with audio-visual for presentations), dates/times for the classes, and corresponding with the potential students. The instructor would also help promote the class in their area by using social media, talking to high schools, and/or the local media outlets about the class. After the initial class, you can decide whether you would like to host more classes at a later date, continue as a mentor, or both.

What do MENTORS do?

You will be paired with one or more court reporting students in order to check in on them during their education, to encourage practice, and answer questions.  You will not have to lead a First Steps class to be a mentor, but you can do both.

What will the First Steps classes be like?

  • Week #1 - Introduction to court reporting: What is it? What kind of jobs can I get? How do I get training and certification as a court reporter?

  • Week #2 - Assessments and hands-on: What does it take to be successful? This class will have typing speed tests and other assessments.  Students will also get their hands on the steno machines for a real video theory lesson.

  • Week #3 - Where do they go from here:  How to sign up for school, scholarships, grants, internships, and more.  More steno practice.

  • Week #4 - Instructors will meet with students individually to go over assessments and discuss next steps and any concerns.​

NOTE:  Classes can be reduced as instructors see fit.


Where are the introductory classes located?

They are located all over Illinois as long as we have volunteer instructors!  Currently, we have instructors lined up in the following areas and will host a class depending on sufficient interest.  If you would like to team up with those who have volunteered below, or if you would like to add your city/town to the class location list, please use the form below to contact us. 

  • Springfield

  • Chicago

  • Champaign-Urbana

  • Clinton

  • Decatur

  • Dixon

  • Joliet

  • Macomb

  • Marion

  • Mt. Vernon

  • Oregon

  • Ottawa

  • Rock Island

  • Rockford

  • Sycamore

  • Toledo

  • Wheaton

To coordinate scheduling your class and secure steno writers, email Melissa Clagg

To order workbooks for your class, email Dustie Spradlin

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