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Leading a class now is easy with our
Recruitment & Career Kit!

thinking about being an instructor?
If the court reporting profession is to continue and thrive, we will need all hands on deck to support the next generation.  Court Reporting Services (CRS) would love to partner with you to offer the first step to creating more court reporters!
We understand your time is limited.  You may feel overwhelmed just thinking about preparing for a class, much less instructing it.  We also understand the registrants want information fast so they can make their career decision.  Let us help with that!  
To reduce the time commitment for both instructors and registrants, First Steps is now offering a "Recruitment & Career Kit" designed to be shared in one class.  
Recruitment & Career Kit includes:
  • PowerPoint presentation - covering all types of information relating to court reporting, strength and weakness analysis, and a steno segment featuring a theory lesson provided courtesy of Court Reporting and Captioning at Home.
  • Both a bound workbook and PDF of the PowerPoint presentation. 
  • PDF packet of handouts - covering a wide variety of information, as well as flyers from local and online schools.
  • Press release (editable) - for dissemination to local media announcing your class date/time.
  • 11 steno writers to use during a First Steps class (transported at class time by CRS staff).
What does the Recruitment & Career Kit PowerPoint cover?
  • Introduction to court reporting.
  • What is court reporting?
  • What kind of jobs can I get?
  • How do I get training and certification as a court reporter?
  • What does it take to be successful?
  • How to sign up for school.
  • Where to receive information about scholarships, grants, and internships.
  • How to determine strengths and weaknesses before entering into training.
  • Informational videos.
  • Theory Lesson #1 video, courtesy of Court Reporting and Captioning at Home.
What kind of commitment is needed to be an INSTRUCTOR?
If you are interested in leading a First Steps class in your area, your commitment time has now been reduced!  CRS will provide you with the Recruitment & Career Kit.  All you need to do is secure a venue and send out an announcement of your scheduled class to your community.  As long as you have no issues with public speaking, you know the steno machine and can answer questions about the profession, you are qualified.  The instructor would be responsible for setting up the location (with audio/visual for presentations), date/time for the class, and corresponding with the potential registrants.
The instructor would also help promote the class in their area by using social media, talking to high schools, and/or the local media outlets about the class.  After you conduct your first class, the hope is you will have had a fulfilling experience and will want to host more classes.
The online training program, Court Reporting and Captioning at Home  (CRAH), has allowed First Steps to show their Theory Lesson #1 during class in our PowerPoint.  This will remove the added task for the instructor to set up their own CRAH student platform and the need for an internet connection during class.  
After the registrants have viewed the theory lesson in class, they can take advantage of the offer to request their own CRAH student platform which will include two FREE theory lessons which they can view in the comfort of their own home to help them with their decision.  The instructor would be responsible for relaying their contact information to CRAH for the setup.  

Where are classes located?

Wherever you are!  They are located all over Illinois as long as we have volunteer instructors!  Currently, we are looking for additional instructors.  If you would like to team up with those who have volunteered previously or would like to develop your own team or take it on solo, please use the form below to contact us. 

don't forget... 

Having a simple conversation with someone about your job could make a world of difference in THEIR life!



thinking about being a mentor?

You will be paired with one or more court reporting students in order to check in on them during their education to encourage practice and answer questions.  YOU could be the difference in that student staying in school.  You will not have to lead a First Steps class to be a mentor, but you are welcome to do both.  

thinking about donating a writer?

So that we may provide the First Steps registrant with the most realistic view of what their training would be like, we would like to provide them with the most current technology; therefore, we would respectfully only accept computerized writers.

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