new employee orientation

Welcome to employment with the State of Illinois, Court Reporting Services!  There's a lot to take in, so feel free to come back to this page often.


  • Court Reporting Services - we are an administrat

  • Resource Documents - there's a webpage with the Administrative Regulations (your employment guide book), Code of Conduct, and other documents.  Nearly every question you have about a work process can be answered by searching for keywords in the Regulations.  

  • Our YouTube page - - this page has video tutorials on so many things including the ShareFile, CTF, and WebHR programs. Many of these videos are eligible to request continuing education certificates by completing a CE form on WebHR.

  • Questions - always ask your supervisor first! Sometimes it will seem like contacting Court Reporting Services is the fastest way to get an answer. However, we always want employees to view their supervisor as a resource. If your supervisor doesn't know the answer, then likely they will contact CRS to find out. This helps the supervisor learn the answer in case it comes up again.  And it helps our office from fielding questions from 600+ employees. 

  • The Office of the Comptroller - this office processes our vouchers and payroll. They cannot answer any policy or payroll questions. Please do not contact Comptroller staff with questions unless you have been directed to do so by a supervisor or by the CRS office.


The FOR EMPLOYEES section of our website contains many important things you will need to know during the course of your employment.  It will be important to familiarize yourself with these documents.  It is most important to review the following documents linked on the resource documents page:

Link to our Resource Documents page which contains many of employment documents you need, such as: 

Other links: