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First Steps - assessments

None of these assessments will tell us if you will be a good court reporter one day.  That ALL depends on YOU! What it might tell us, though, is if there are strengths to help you succeed and other things that you will have to focus on.  The overall results will be included in one-on-one discussion you will have with a class leader on the last night of class.  No one is grading you on these, so relax!  

Each assessment topic is a link to another website with the assessment.  Read the description below and any instructions on the webpage before starting each assessment.

  • Typing - After a practice warm-up, complete a one-minute typing test. You will submit your results in the linked website. Remember, being a great typist is not required for you to be a court reporter!  We are just looking for items to give you feedback on before you launch into your career of court reporting! 


      The typing test is located at:

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