Educational Grants and Scholarships


Maybe you've decided to take the next step, but are wondering if there's assistance to help you pay for training.  We are compiling a list of grants and scholarships to help you.  If you know of a program not listed below, please contact us.

  • lists student scholarships as one of their member benefits.  (The form on this site will be updated soon.)

  • The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) offers a variety of scholarships and grants to NCRA student members - Visit

  • and College pages for court reporting scholarship information.

  • Veritext Legal Solutions is partnered with specified schools for scholarships.

  • GoCollege awards scholarships to students enrolled in court reporting school.

  • CampusReel is a finder website for scholarships.

  • If you are currently enrolled in court reporting school, please contact your school about other opportunities they might be aware of which are not listed here.  

  • Please contact us to report other scholarship and grant opportunities you are aware of.  

Interested in becoming a court reporter?  Click here for more info on how to attend our First Steps program.