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Answer the questions and find out if you bill the transcript to the State.  There's always exceptions to the rules when you have a strange request, so contact us if you do not get the answer you think is correct.

Was the transcript ordered for the case file of an indigent defendant for one of these reasons?


  • Motion to reconsider sentence after plea of guilty

  • Motion to withdraw plea and vacate the judgment

  • Judgment and sentencing after plea of guilty

  • To prepare a post-conviction petition

  • Preliminary hearing

  • By Chief Judge's order 

  • By Appellate Court or Supreme Court Order

  • Habeas Corpus/Constitutional challenge

Explanation:  There are certain statutes and rules allowing for a transcript to be ordered for an indigent defendant other than for the purposes of appeal. It must be by a court order. The transcript is added to the case file to be made a part of the common law record, plus the defendant would receive a copy without cost pursuant to Illinois Supreme Court Rules.

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