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Answer the questions and find out if you bill the transcript to the State.  There's always exceptions to the rules when you have a strange request, so contact us if you do not get the answer you think is correct.

Is the case a felony, misdemeanor, DUI, traffic, juvenile delinquency, sexually violent persons (MR), criminal contempt, or mental health case? 

Explanation:  The State only will provide payment for certain case types where the State is a party to the case.  These are the most common cases types where statutes and rules will apply for state payment.  There may be others, but they are not common. Contact CRS if your case type is different from one of the types above, but you feel it might apply.


NOTE:  Juvenile abuse and neglect cases, when indigent, are paid for by a county fund per statute (705 ILCS 75/6). 

Was the transcript filed in the case file and/or e-filed in the Circuit Clerk's office?

Explanation:  In nearly every common transcript situation, the State pays for the transcript for the case file. A defendant's copy might be provided in addition to the case file copy at no additional charge pursuant to Illinois Supreme Court Rules.

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