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Answer the questions and find out if you bill the transcript to the State.  There's always exceptions to the rules when you have a strange request, so contact us if you do not get the answer you think is correct.

Have you billed the State for THIS transcript before?

Explanation:  This question is about this transcript regardless of case name or number. Have you previously prepared it and billed the state? If the county has been billed previously for this transcript, you would answer NO, you have not billed the State.

Is this request for a co-defendant or a second case number for the same defendant, which is also on appeal, and you will be charging at copy rate?

Explanation:  Both co-defendants and/or both case numbers must be on appeal with one exception listed below. The case you are billing must be listed on an appeal order in order to be paid again for the same transcript at the copy rate.

NOTE: If this transcript was previous filed and paid for under waiver of counsel or a plea, it should already be in the case file. The defendant's copy for indigent appeals are provided free of charge, even requested later. In this situation, the answer to this question is "no" because it is the same transcript, same defendant, and same case number.


Exception:  In the case of a co-defendant's transcript being ordered to be used for a case which is on appeal, but this case is not (or not yet) on appeal. There must be a court order specifying both cases--the one on appeal, and the one not yet on appeal.  It would be billed under the non-appeal case number, but the transcript type would still be "appeal".

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